Our History

“Les Petits Oignons” was founded in 1986 by Khaled Zoughlami, originally taking root in the lower side of the town. After opening the Brigittines in Marolles and Sérafine in Ixelles, Khaled Zoughlami decided to relaunch “Les Petits Oignons” in 2008. The concept was the same, except for one detail: it was located at 25, Rue de la Régence, a stone’s throw from the Sablons.

A look back at the history of Les Petits Oignons…

In 1986, Frieda and Khaled Zoughlami decided to take over the former “Jardin des Marolles” to open “Les Petits Oignons” in a small street in the same district. At the beginning, the place was best known for serving traditional French and Belgian food at remarkably good value, from spare ribs to shrimp croquettes and the classic steak frites. Over the years, the cuisine has become more refined and
sophisticated, with the latest chef coming straight from a star Italian restaurant.

From the beginning, the quality and freshness of the products have been the owners’ top priorities, as well as the service and welcome. The menu is based on French classics with a Mediterranean touch, as the owner’s origins dictate.

The growing success of Les Petits Oignons has made it “the” place to be in the city. After 20 years in the area, the Zoughlamis decided to step back and hand over the business to a French couple who, unfortunately, did not enjoy the same success.

In 2011, the corner of Rue de la Régence became available, and it was irresistible. Khaled, assisted by his daughter Rym, reopened his restaurant. Les Petits Oignons was back in business, in front of the Conservatoire, in a magnificent and luminous house. The decor has evolved, contemporary and timeless at the same time. The cuisine is in the same vein as that of the Rue Notre Seigneur, but with a “Brasserie” touch. In winter, for example, a delicious sauerkraut is served, and in summer, a mussel casserole. It is with emotion that the new address, after a six-year break, wins back its former customers, and discovers new ones from the neighborhood and beyond.

During the 2022 competition for the best shrimp croquette in Brussels, the chefs present at the blind tasting awarded the “coup de coeur” prize to the restaurant Les Petits Oignons for its “croquette that is absolutely perfect in its execution, almost academic in its classicism but perfectly tasty, with an ideal texture”.

In January 2023, the restaurant was taken over by Thomas Fischer, an entrepreneur who already spent 10 years in the hotel and catering industry with the Art Blanc group. Faithful to the history of the brasserie, the new owner is keen to preserve the spirit of the establishment while giving it a modern touch.